The Catboat
A cat shelter on the water!

The is the only animal shelter in The Netherlands that floats on water because it is a cat shelter on a house boat in Amsterdam! This is where cats are brought that don't have a home anymore. There are a lot of stray cats in the Netherlands that are living on the streets. The Catboat offers these stray and abandoned cats a warm place to stay where they are given food and water. These cats are neutered so that they canĀ“t make or have any more kittens. They are also vaccinated so they won't get sick easily. Until we find a new loving home for them, they are well taken care of by our committed volunteers.

Most cats cannot stand water, but what about the cats on the Catboat? Oh well, as long as they can keep their paws dry. Curious? In the Catbook you can find information and pictures of all the cats living on the .

More information about the Catboat you can find on the website.